Michael’s Quick and Easy Plumbing frequent ask questions

How to unclog the drain?

  • Use your plunger
  • Using liquid drain cleaner be careful
  • Mix equal amount of vinegar and baking soda pour it in your drain this solution will bleak the clog.
  • Put on gloves de-attach the drain pipe and remove the clogging agents.
  • Unable to do this by yourself and not found any good results call Michael’s Quick and Easy Plumbing.

How to prevent future clog?

  • Do not put oil or grease in the sink
  • Cover drains with strainers
  • Keep on running the cold water after the disposal power if off
  • Do not flush everything in the toilet.

Well pump

What is the reason for the short cycling of the good pump?

  • Problem with water pump switch
  • Blockage in pip of water supply
  • Too much air in the pressure tank
  • There are several reasons for short cycling call us to find and fix.

Grease trap services

What are grease trap services and cleaning?

  • With time food waste and FOG build up. Disposal and removal of these FOG are necessary.
  • Regularly cleaning prevent the blockage of the pipe.
  • Call Michael’s Quick and Easy Plumbing for it.