Emergency Plumbing Services

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Having a plumbing emergency at your property is a nightmare for every owner.


Trying to resolve the situation on your own without any proper tools and expertise or waiting for regular business hours will only worsen the situation and can put you and your property at risk. In case of any plumbing emergency, you need to call a skilled emergency plumber right away to restore the plumbing system and bring it to proper working condition.

At Michael’s Quick and Easy Plumbing, we have the first-hand knowledge and expertise to get every plumbing situation done the right way the first time.

We provide emergency plumbing services in many situations, including,

Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup means that the wastewater is not properly draining away from your property due to obstruction in pipes. Multiple clogged plumbing fixtures, like tub, toilet, sink, indicates a serious sewage issue.

Call us and get it fixed as it can become a serious health hazard and can cause flooding and significant property damage.


Water heater failure

A sudden failure of your water heater could cause great inconvenience as it leaves you without any hot water for your bath, washing, and other everyday chores.

Give us a call, and our technicians will troubleshoot the problem with your heater and bring it back to proper working order.

Leaking fixtures

Slow seeping water from worn-out or improperly installed faucets and fixtures can cause wastage of tons of gallons of water, rust in pipes fixtures that foster the growth of molds, and a significant rise in your utility bills.

Reach out to us before it imposes a serious health hazard on you and your family and get it fixed in no time.

Burst Pipes

Increased water pressure inside a pipe can cause it to burst. Frozen pipes and general pipe corrosion are some of the reasons for a piper to burst.

Call an emergency plumber in an instant before it takes a toll on the property and causes any significant damage to it.

Clogged fixtures

Accumulation of hair, grease, food or toilet paper can clog the fixtures resulting in slow drainage or complete blockage of the plumbing fixtures, such as tub, sink, or toilet. It could become a serious problem if the water starts overflowing.

While a plunger can resolve the problem for some time, it is important to reach out to a plumber and get your sewer line cleaned and cleared up.

24/7 Emergency plumbing service

Being stuck in a plumbing emergency is a very stressful situation to deal with. However, never let any plumbing issues go unresolved as it could lead to more expensive and invasive repairs and replacements down the road.

In emergency situations like these, having a reliable by your side will give you the peace of mind that your problem will be resolved quickly and effectively. Whether the plumbing emergency occurs early in the morning or late at night, rest assured that our plumbers and technicians will respond almost immediately after you call us.

Reach out to us at (747)322-4443 and discuss your needs with our plumbing technicians.

Clogged fixtures