Different types of toilets and their functions

The different types of toilets:

If you are planning to buy a toilet, you will be overwhelmed to find out that there are numerous types of toilets and everyone has a different significance. When someone uses the word toilet the only thing that comes to our mind is flushing and the disposal of water. But, buying an ideal toilet, which suits your comfort, is a whole different concept. Let us take a walk in the valley of different type of toilets and how they work. Here, we will give you an idea about different types of toilet with different styles and different functionality. So, to know more keep on reading:

  1. Gravity Fed Toilet

These are the most common kinds of toilets that you will find while also the oldest kind of toilets. In these toilets, when the flush valve is pushed, the water gushes in and moves away from the waste through the trap way. And to make the bowls clean, a siphoning action is used. Also, Gravity Fed Toilets are the quietest, least complicated and need deficient maintenance.

  1. Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Flushing is one of the most significant parts of this toilet. It is very powerful because it uses the air pressure, which forces the water coming from the tank becoming more powerful when it hits the bowl. Compared to the Gravity Fed Toilet, this is a bit noisy, but it is much more efficient. It is advisable to use this toilet if many people are using it because clogging is very rare in Pressure-Assisted Toilets. The vast force works to prevents it from becoming clogged.

  1. Dual-Flush Toilet

If you want to conserve water, nothing is better than a Dual-Flush Toilet. The best part of this toilet is that it is a combination of Gravity Fed Toilet and Pressure-Assisted Toilet, which allows you to choose between the two. To clean the liquid waste, you will get a half-flush option and on the other hand, if you want to clean the solid wastes, then the full flush option is there for you.

  1. Double-Cyclone Toilet

Double or Dual-Cyclone Toilets are not as famous as the other ones because it is newer in the market. The most noteworthy part about these toilets is that they use a very minimal quantity of water. The flush of these toilets is very powerful. Double Cyclone Toilets use two nozzles laterally with the edge of the bowl to deliver a double cyclone flush. This kind of toilet is also very helpful in conservation of water.

  1. No-Touch Flush Toilet

You may have encountered a No-Flush Toilet but surely not in someone’s home. Generally, you will find these kinds of toilets in public restrooms. These are tailored to avoid the germs, which expand due to skin to object contact . No-Flush Toilet is designed in such a way that it can flush with just a wave of your hands over the sensor, located at the top of the toilet.

  1. Smart Toilets

These toilets are the latest in the market. Now, what is a smart toilet? Well, it is a special kind of ceramic toilet, which is attached with an electronic seat cover. The significance of the smart toilet lies on the seat cover. You will get a remote with it by which you can set parameters and functions. Here is a list of some smart features that a smart toilet has to offer:

  • The seat opens up automatically when it senses a human and the most interesting part is, it can differentiate between a male or female.
  • It will provide you with two kinds of flush’s, the full flush and the Eco flush.
  • It has the capability to save the user’s function.

By now, you must have understood that there are many options available when it comes to selecting a toilet. To know more, go through the above-written article very meticulously.